YMCA of Greater New York



ImageX delivered user- and mobile-friendly website that’s significantly increased traffic and session time. In addition to creating a robust site, their team was very responsive and clear in communications throughout the engagement, developing creative solutions in the process.

What they needed

The organization was looking for ImageX to help update the website and make it more mobile and SEO friendly.

How we helped

ImageX worked through a discovery process, meeting with internal stakeholders to learn about our goals and challenges. They then designed and developed the site from scratch using Open Y on Drupal, working through 6–7 sprints before ultimately launching the site.

The Results

ImageX helped increase traffic to the website by 15% and session time by 23% in one year.

The client reported that users are very pleased with the functionality and mobile-friendliness of the site overall. In addition to simplifying a complex site, ImageX delivered in a timely and responsible manner.


ImageX helped increase traffic to the website


ImageX helped increase session time on the website


“Honestly, I can’t think of a single area of weakness. We had an extremely pleasant working relationship.”

Director of Digital Strategy
YMCA of Greater New York